Soul Business Leadership Program

Bring your vision to life.

Make your business a source of energy, joy and financial resources.

Is this a recognizable situation for you:


You feel you are working day and night;

yet do not see that reflected in your turnover and impact.


You are dazzled by all the possible solutions

to make your dream business and lifestyle succeed, making you hop from idea to idea and from strategy to strategy.


You feel guilty when you are not at work,

because your business still asks so much of you.


You wonder how other entrepreneurs build a profitable business,

are visible online and still have energy left for their families!


Does this indeed feel familiar?

Then stop pushing yourself to work with a system, in the hope that it will come to feel ‘natural’ at some point.

Stop seeing yourself as the problem, thinking that YOU are doing something wrong that others seem to be doing right. Because: how many people do you know whose pushing and pulling have actually led to success in a joyful way?

“When a flower doesn’t bloom,
you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.”

Alexander Den Heijer

This is why I created

The Soul Business Leadership Program

An unique chance to work with me 1-on-1

And dive deep into your own business and essence. What would it be like:


If you could organize your business your way?

In a way that perfectly matches your soul structure and natural rhythm, so that you could become successful in a sustainable and enjoyable way?


If you see that MORE income comes in when you work LESS hard?

Hint: The reason you haven’t achieved what you want yet has nothing to do with how hard you try. (And believe me, this was my strategy for success for a long time too!).


If you stop doing all those things that promise you success, but that drive you further away from yourself.

Things like: post more, promote more, make more products?

Sounds too good to be true?

I get that!

You don’t have to go along with this right away.

Major changes take time to integrate into your system. But know that this is exactly where I can help you! I can help you structure and organize your company in a way that suits you as a person and your business, based on natural rhythm.

For this I have brought together my own experience and the principles of the spiral of creation in the natural organizational model, Business by Nature©. This model helps you build your business in a cyclical way, that instead of draining you, supports you with moments of rest and reflection.

It helps you use your full potential and stay creative, by not doing more but doing less. By letting the natural principles run their course in co-creation with the universe.

But first…

What beliefs still stand in your way:

I first have to work harder to get my business to a higher level before I am ready for the next step of reorganization.

Ask yourself: Do you actually raise your business to a higher level by working harder? Or by working smarter and more strategically? This is exactly where I can help you: We work together to find where your talents lie and which income streams suit them best. We then build your business around that.

I first need more time and space (in my diary and head) to be able to work on my business.

The fact that you don’t have time and space in your diary and head is a sign that it’s time for change: successful entrepreneurs have enough time to work on their business, because they build in enough rest and only work with momentum.

Before I can organize my business in a natural and appropriate way, I first have to earn more money.

Could it be that by working more strategically and consciously, and by making better use of your energy, you will actually earn more money? By focusing on scalability in time, you ensure a sustainable revenue model. So the sooner you work with a suitable revenue model, the sooner you earn good money.

The fact you have read so far…

Tells me that you have a great need for freedom and abundance. You want to set YOUR own schedule, and not work according to someone else’s.

These needs can be met by running your own business, as long as you honor your natural rhythm and essence!



The Soul Business Leadership Program

The Soul Business Leadership Program is for Soul-Driven Female Entrepreneurs struggling with prioritizing tasks and building their business on a sustainable level. In 4 months this program:

→ Teaches you how to structure and organize your business according to the natural business model, Business by Nature©, so that your business provides you with the energy, joy and financial resources to make the impact that the world needs now.

→ Takes your natural rhythm and the natural principles as a starting point, to grow your company in an organic way. Without exhausting yourself.

→ Focuses on the structures and systems that support your body and your business. Enhances your role as a Soul Business Leader in the most effortless way for you.

The application period for The Soul Business Leadership Program begins in october 2022.

“Coco has a special talent: she is extremely capable of seeing the bigger picture that is meant for you.”

“My intention to participate in the program was to gain insight into the blockages that prevented me from going fully 100% for my entrepreneurial dream. So that I could finally step out of my role as a successful freelancer. I wanted help in taking actionable steps that would actually give me results (read: attract customers who fit me and who are willing to pay for my offer), which would also help me make the financial decision to stop freelancing. And yes, that intention is now reality!

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Coco has a special talent: she is extremely capable of seeing the bigger picture that is meant for you. She helped me clarify my purpose and showed me which small steps I can take in my business to connect with my purpose. And this in such a way that my whole system agrees; aware and unaware. This has ensured that I have actually broken through my blockages and behavioral change became possible. It is also very nice that someone gives you concrete, practical tasks (homework!), so that you automatically remain in the action mode. Because all this together is quite an intense process on a personal and business level, you really have to want to go for it. Coco goes in depth, and that is exactly what makes this process so valuable!

The Soul Language report is a very good starting point in Coco’s coaching process, because it provides you with an objective insight into your personality and associated archetypes. For example, I now know that I’ve been stuck in one of my archetypes for far too long; a type that no longer served me to grow. This allowed me to make a conscious choice to put a different side of myself at the helm, which helps me to use my potential. This has resulted in a completely different offering for my company, different customers and a different system for attracting customers. And while I was working on the process with Coco, I had barely done any sales, and already won a customer for my most expensive program.

“The Soul Business Leadership Program is a magical journey through all facets of your personality and your business. A catalyst for business growth by staying closer to yourself. Do you want to be surprised by what is possible for you and your business? Then I would definitely recommend Coco. Because if you really want a different result, you will have to do different things than you always did. The program with Coco helps you to break through patterns.”

I am super grateful that I can count Coco as my business power posse, because every session with Coco leads to new and surprising insights. Both personal and business. As a result, the outside world shifts and doing business really becomes more effortless!


Copy & Marketing Mentor

Business by Nature©

Who I am..

Up until I was 26, I was driven by the belief that hard work was the only way to success.

But the harder I tried, the more unhappy I felt, despite the success I achieved in the eyes of others. The success I was so striving for, turned out to be an externally imposed concept that was completely out of line with how I defined success myself.

My wake up call was my burnout.

From that moment on I decided to put my own desires first. I set up my own festival, ran my own coaching company and duly implemented all business advice. But I still felt exhausted.

What did other entrepreneurs do differently, so that success seemed to come to them?

You are unique

This question was the beginning of a period of inner reflection, letting go and reinventing myself. I found out that there is not one way of doing business. Everyone has their own path to success.

this means

You can throw a lot of business rules overboard that don’t support but sabotage you. And that takes courage!

I also learned there is a moment for everything.

This is especially true for women with a menstrual cycle. There is absolutely no need to be switched on 24/7 and always work hard. Business success is all about timing, prioritizing tasks AND honoring your essence and natural rhythm.

By recognizing that everything has a natural rhythm,

you can integrate this rhythm into your life and your business. In this way you free yourself from limited, linear thinking and cyclical entrepreneurship becomes possible. You take your own body, rhythm and essence as the starting point for business growth.

Cyclical entre­preneurship meant for me…

That I could level up.

That with my method I became more visible to the people for whom I could provide a transformation. That I attracted an international audience and that I could charge higher prices for my services. Privately, this also meant I attracted more love and I will soon welcome my first child!

My vision is that female entrepreneurs run their business based on their natural cycle and the rhythm of nature. They then build business structures based on connection and unity that embrace inclusiveness, diversity and sustainability.


1-on-1 program for ambitious female entrepreneurs

The Soul Business Leadership Program

The Soul Business Leadership program is a 1-on-1 program for ambitious female entrepreneurs who are ready to build their business in their own unique way, while simultaneously thriving in other areas of their lives. It is a tailor-made program of 4 months, that is especially designed for the phase you are in with your business and your personal life.

In the first month…

We will dive deep into your unique Soul Language Report, to help you gain crystal clear vision about your life purpose and role in this lifetime. Once you know who you are and how you are wired, it is time to rearrange your business to a standard and level that is in alignment with who you truly are.


We start focusing on how to sell your value instead of your time. So that doing business will not only be much easier and joyful, but will also produce better results.

During the program…

We will have weekly 1 hour online Zoom sessions where we dive into your business and create a business that perfectly matches your own natural cycle and the phase you are in right now. .

After the program…

You have a clear vision about where you are heading and have embraced a completely new way of doing business. And by doing so, you automatically find yourself in a place you never before thought possible.

Experience a quantum shift

By including the above principles in your business model, and therefore not only taking nature as an example, but making it part of your life and your business, you ensure that your business can grow in a natural way. All you have to do is follow these natural principles.


Let’s recap!

First we dive deep into your own Soul Language by looking at what kind of person and entrepreneur you truly are.

Because we all have different roles and approaches to life, you should understand how your systems operate, so they can work for you. Based on your Soul Language I will then help you create a business that is totally based on your own natural system. You will not only feel more joy, ease and pleasure in doing business, but will also get better results in return. This will leave you with more than enough energy for the other roles you want to play out in this life.

Coaching programs start per season, for a maximum of 3 clients.
Duration of the course: 4 months. Start of next route:: October 2022.


The total investment for the Soul Business Leadership Program is € 4975,- (ex VAT). The Soul Language report, with personal guidance is included. Alternatively, a payment plan is available of 4 x monthly payments. 

The application period for The Soul Business Leadership Program begins in October 2022.

Signing Up

If you are interested in the Soul Business Leadership Program, I will first have an intake with you, to see in which phase your business is currently at. For me it is crucial that I see and feel your commitment and willingness to make the transition from the attitude of being a freelancer/employee to a successful entrepreneur. Once I feel the commitment, I am very happy and excited to take you to the next level with your business, and together we will look at all the options available to you.

The Soul Business Leadership Program is only for you if:

→ You are truly ready to take the next step in your business and are willing to build and run a successful business that supports you instead of draining you.

→ You are willing to change the way you work and have the desire and courage to become the boss of your own business instead of an employee.

→ You dare to dream big and want to embrace your own greatness, ambition and passion without compromising the other roles you want to play in this life.

→ You genuinely feel the urge to share your magic with the world and you are not afraid to make money while doing it.



What is Soul Language and how can it help me as an entrepreneur?

During the Soul Business Leadership Program I use Soul Language as a tool to help you understand what your natural Soul Archetype and Role in life is. Soul Language is based on the seven archetypes of the soul and therefore goes much deeper than the usual archetypal methods used by many professionals in psychology and organizational development. Soul Language helps you understand your true role and essence that you were given by birth. By understanding your own Soul Role and unique Soul Approach to life, you are able to live your purpose and maximize your contribution to your professional life as well as your personal life. Knowing your own Soul Language helps you in being the best authentic version of yourself, and of course this will also be reflected in your business. 

How do I know that I am ready for your program?

You know you are ready when you feel a strong urge to grow your business and are prepared to take a big step in time and energy to realize this shift, but are not sure how to do that with the amount of time and energy you have right now. That is the point where I come in, and help you realize your dreams in the best and easiest way possible. 

I have already done the course From Time management To Energy management, so do you think this program is still useful?

In the course From Time management To Energy management I gave you the basic tools and theory you need in order to grow your business in a more organic way. You still needed to apply these tools to your own unique way of doing business by yourself, as it was a group course. The Soul Business Leadership Program is tailor-made and is a unique chance to work with me 1-on-1 and dive deep into your own business and essence. I honestly believe right now there is no other transformative program like this available at this price (which is also why I will double the price at the end of this year).

Running your business according to your natural cycle and in co-creation with the universe will make you less depleted and more abundant.