Are you ready to experience big shifts in your business and life?

Running a business as a soul-driven female entrepreneur isn’t always easy in a world still dominated by male based principles and structures.

Working hard, being present 24/7 and pitching all the time seems ‘normal’ and part of the deal of being an entrepreneur.

In addition, as a woman and entrepreneur you often have multiple roles to fulfill, such as housewife, mother, partner, daughter, girlfriend and so on. You want to do it all and be equally successful in all areas of your life.

Yet you seem to keep having to make concessions and feel it is just not possible to do it all in a joyful and easy way. You work as hard as you can and still don’t achieve your desired result.

Now what?

Could there be another way for women to work that is not only more pleasurable but also leads to better results without working so hard?

I believe it is absolutely possible to be successful in all areas of your life!

and It has nothing to do with working harder at all!

It has everything to do with knowing what kind of entrepreneur you are, and by working according to your own natural cycle and that of your business.

By using your own essence and your own natural cyclical system, you are perfectly designed to be a successful entrepreneur, alongside all the other roles you want to play in this life.

It’s just a matter of knowing your true entrepreneurial essence and your own unique cyclical system. You need to know how to build momentum and create successful business systems that work for you instead of the other way around.


Business by Nature©

Know your true entrepreneurial essence

Knowing your true entrepreneurial essence and your own unique cyclical system is the basis from which the natural organizational model, Business by Nature©, originated. The Business by Nature© model combines nature’s wisdom with proven business strategy.

this model assumes that:


Everything in nature is organized according to a certain principle, so that nothing goes wrong.


Everything in nature has its own function and place, and is inter-connected. Just think of your own body: all the different parts have their own functions, but work together wonderfully.


There is a natural rhythm in nature that we know as the principle of time. This rhythm is determined by the sun, moon, stars and seasons and you can harness it to plan your activities, just as farmers used to.

Experience a quantum shift

By including the above principles in your business model, and therefore not only taking nature as an example, but making it part of your life and your business, you ensure that your business can grow in a natural way. All you have to do is follow these natural principles.

“The course has shown me a way to make space in my life!”

I was intrigued when I signed up for the course From Time Management To Energy Management. I always feel like I don’t have enough time in my business and personal life. I didn’t want this to be another thing I ‘had to do’. The course has shown me a way to make space in my life using my own natural cycles and Nature’s cycles. It helped me to find a healthier and more successful way to set intentions in all areas of my life and take action to achieve them. Many thanks Coco.


Women’s Health Strategist & Founder of Smarter Menopause

“Coco is a true Time Alchemist!”

Coco is teaching and leading us all to a place where we learn what ‘we need to do’ is not the key to our professional well being, it is ‘to do what we need’. As Einstein said: look deep into nature and you will understand everything better. Coco is a true Time Alchemist; shifting us from Time management to Energy management. It is important all women start to understand this, and Coco is brilliant at teaching this.

Christine Louise Koetsier,

Creator of Soul Language, Founder of

“It’s as if she has given me permission to relax when I need to”

I just love Coco’s approach to using the natural rhythms of nature in business! She has a powerful way of integrating cycles and energy into a really practical way of working day to day, and planning month to month. It’s as if she has given me permission to relax when I need to, create when it’s most effective, and not struggle with the natural ebbs and flows of owning a business! If you’re ready to work with more ease and flow, Coco’s course is a fabulous place to start!


Soul Sales Trainer