Transform your
business & life (by nature)

Natural business growth for ambitious soul-driven female entrepreneurs who want to spread their innovative ideas, with less stress.

Say goodbye to nonsensical business rules and unnecessary to do’s.

Take back control of your schedule and your life. Make the impact the world desperately needs.

Discover now which TYPE of entrepreneur you are and HOW you want to do business. Personal growth and business growth go hand in hand. This begins by knowing who you are at soul level, and understanding what your NATURAL way is to achieve your business goals. And will result in you having greater impact as an entrepreneur, without the risk of self­sabotage.

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Special growth oppor­tunities?

Do you want to know more about my work and be the first to be informed when I offer special growth opportunities for you and your business?


3 ways to get started:

1. Soul Business Clarity Session

Book a Soul Business Clarity Session and experience a quantum shift in your results. Discover whether the natural organizational model, Business by Nature©, is suitable to support you in your business. A clarity session is a valuable introduction providing you with insights you can immediately apply.

2. Follow the course From Time Management to Energy Management

Coach yourself in prioritizing your life and business according to the natural organizational model, Business by Nature©. Experience how you attract customers, income and projects to you, by moving in sync with the flow of your life.

3. Sign up for the Soul Business Leadership Program

Bring your business in line with your natural rhythm in 4 months. Experience how all aspects of your life are connected and contribute to your personal and business growth.

Who is Coco?

Coco Groothuis grew up in Haarlem and runs her consulting business from her current hometown of IJmuiden, close to the sea.

Coco has a clear vision for the future. In this she sees a major role for female entrepreneurs, who, through their natural gift to connect and create unity, build mutual business structures that embrace inclusiveness, diversity and sustainability.

For this she helps soul-driven female entrepreneurs to do business cyclically, according to their natural rhythm.

Entrepreneurs learn to honor their body, rhythm and essence and take it as the starting point for their business. They make sure they do not become exhausted and at the same time, they watch their business grow naturally every year.