Hey! I’m
Coco Groothuis

I am an entrepreneur with a big vision for change:

I want to make cyclical working and living the starting point for everyone.

Where people are driven by abundance and trust instead of fear and lack. Imagine what that could mean for you and for all of us, in 5, 10 or even 100 years…

And yes, working and living cyclically means much more than following your own cycle and working with the moon and seasons. It is about experiencing that all aspects of your life are interrelated. Your family, friends, health, finances, communication, creation and work are all connected. Just as plants, animals, fungi and micro-organisms interact with their environment, to form cohesive ecosystems.

I believe self-care and creating a safe environment

are just as important for business growth as setting financial goals. If you don’t feel well, your business won’t flow. Using these kind of natural principles will make that you no longer live out of balance, and ‘having no time or no money’ are no longer excuses.

Get to know Business by Nature©


It is a model that gives you back control over your schedule and your life, so you can make the impact the world needs NOW. You will find yourself working in a totally new way that is more in alignment with your souls purpose and what you came here to do, resulting in more flow in your life.

Have you had enough of swimming against the current?

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Book a Soul Business Clarity Session and experience a quantum shift in your results.

Discover whether the natural organizational model, Business by Nature©, is suitable to support you in your business. A clarity session is a valuable introduction providing insights that you can immediately apply.