Experience how you can work and live by following your natural rhythm.

As an entrepreneur do you feel that


Time slips through your fingers?


You are always working but without visible results?


You have less freedom of choice than when you were employed?


You long for more peace of mind, but a work-life balance and financial security seem to be increasingly out of reach?


You will never be able to make your big dream come true?

You’re not alone

With all the entrepreneurs I work with, there is one question I hear repeatedly:

How can I experience more abundance without completely overdoing things?
And as unlikely as that may seem to you now, there is an answer to that question. That answer is: from time­management to energy­management.


from timemanagement to energymanagement

 Imagine what it would be like if…


You had insight into HOW you could honor your natural rhythm in line with the cycles of nature?


You achieved more SUCCESS (whatever definition of success you have) by “doing” less, but “being” more?

 In short

What would it be like if you could understand exactly how to follow your NATURAL RHYTHM FROM WITHIN, putting you at the center of your life and EFFORTLESSLY attracting customers, income and projects that really make you happy?

Sounds good?

That’s exactly what the course is about!

And the best thing is. you don’t need to teach yourself yourself a complete and time – consuming system.

You just need to recognize the movement of the energy that has always been in and around you. You come to trust the waves of the creative process and learn to surf the energy of ebb and flow.

This immediately gives you more time and space to use your potential and make the impact you wish to have with your business.    

 Through this course


you will learn to focus on energy instead of time.

As a result of which you will no longer experience a shortage of time and energy, but will do greater business and live from abundance.



About what is important to you in your business and life,because you will gain insight into your energy balance.


Your private life will get a boost, while you expand your business.


you will learn to move in tune with the natural rhythms within yourself and in nature.

You will know when it is time to rest or when it is time for inspirational action.


You will experience how you get more done by doing less.

As a result of which you will experience more flow, peace and joy.


What can you expect?

The course From TIME management To ENERGY management is an 8-week online course, where you meet once a week with a like-minded group of entrepreneurs (max. 8 participants per group) via Zoom.

Under my guidance you will work with your own Bullet Journal, complete various exercises and gain knowledge about the natural cycles to discover your own rhythm. You will quickly establish a solid foundation that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

the course includes:



Personal Bullet Journal as the basis for the rest of your life


Tools and exercises that help you discover your natural rhythm at your own pace and make contact with your inexhaustible source of energy.


Access to the online lesson modules


One 1-on-1 Soul Business Clarity Call to implement the new tools in your work and business


Online support in the form of a Whatsapp group.

This course has helped me to recognize and follow my own rhythm so that I now feel that I am swimming with the flow instead of against it; a great gift from coming home to myself! Previously, I had a feeling that I was never doing enough. I put off a lot of work and had a hard time getting ready to do tasks, even the fun ones. I didn’t want to work and slog hard, but secretly I was still pulling and pushing a lot to get myself moving. Now I feel guided, and it is crystal clear what I have to do. I can’t wait to start working on my projects in the morning! This has given me peace, space and balance in my life and I wish that for everyone !!!

Marja godvliet

Marjoy – Authentic Video Portraits & Founder Working Magically

This course has shown me that it is possible to experience less stress, let go more and still achieve more. I had more and more trouble with “should” do things, with deadlines, with pushing myself and with finding the balance between work and play. I found that my entire system and thinking was built on “wrong foundations” that have been deeply rooted in our society as “this is how it should be done”. I have discovered what it is like to switch to a natural rhythm and also how nice it is to make that choice because it actually brings you closer to yourself and your own needs. The course has given me tools to rearrange my life and work in a way that works best for me and made me aware of the cycles of nature and in myself and how I can use them for more productivity and fun.


Founder Lola’s Alchemy

About me, your host.

As a seasoned student, I learned from an early age that success, reward and results equate to discipline, focus and hard work. If I could only manage my time properly and persevere,

I would naturally experience balance and tranquility. Or so I was told. I did manage to work hard, achieve success and keep focused, but balance and tranquility seemed like an eternal dot on the horizon. I just never had time to spare, my pleasure for life disappeared and I just couldn’t manage to work in a more relaxed way. Instead, the mountain in front of me just got bigger.

Until the moment I found out that I could work much easier if I followed my own cycle and my own pace. I rested when my body was tired, and put myself into gear when I felt inspired, regardless of the schedule I had written in my diary. I realized work could be done differently. That life is meant to be different. And that there is a natural flow of energy underlying everything, which we just have to follow instead of trying to invent the flow ourselves.

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Through years of research and experimenting, feeling what works and what doesn’t, and following the natural cycles of ebb and flow, I have discovered my own natural flow. This allowed me to finally work and live in a new and healthy, structured way. This was when I developed FROM TIME MANAGEMENT TO ENERGY MANAGEMENT. In this course I combine different tools and theories from working with the seasons, the Bullet Journal Method and the rhythm of the moon, with my personal experience in coaching individual entrepreneurs.

Do you feel it’s time to live your greatest potential with more energy and flow? Then I would like to share my knowledge with you!

What is the result?

During this 8-week online course I will teach you, based on my knowledge of the natural cycles and the Bullet Journal Method, how to set up your OWN energy and planning system, as a solid foundation for the rest of your life.


The journey to your natural rhythm begins
The route planner of your life: the Bullet Journal
The natural cycle of menstruation and the moon
The natural cycle of your business
Working with the natural rhythm of the seasons
Working with the natural rhythm of the moon


Keeping your own travel log


Your natural rhythm as a solid foundation for the rest of your life

This course was a truly transformative way for me to deal with time. A way that goes against everything I always thought I knew about productivity. The tools and exercises have brought me closer to myself and given direction, making me feel like I can finally make an impact on the world I envision. Coco taught me how to manage my energy, starting with a check-in with myself, researching the phases of the moon and prioritizing projects. This feels very natural and effortless, unlike previous methods I have tried (such as Getting Things Done by David Allen) where I had to learn a new system. This course feels like a way back to my heart, from my head. Which will help me all my life.


copywriter & personal branding coach

when do we start!

Dates & times

This year I will be running two courses. The first one starts on Thursday February 23 and closes on April 13. If you decide to sign up for the course before February 19, you pay the early bird price of € 975 ex VAT (instead of € 1295 ex VAT).

The second course will start on Thursday March 23 and closes on May 25. If you decide to sign up for the course before March 17, you pay the early bird price of € 975 ex VAT (instead of € 1295 ex VAT).


Thursday 5 PM Group (English)

Zoom from 5 pm CET to 6.30 pm CET

February 23, March 2, March 9, March 16, March 23, March 30, April 6, April 13


Thursday 10 AM Group (Dutch Only)

Zoom from 10 am CET to 11.30 am CET

March 23, March 30, April 6, April 13, April 20, May 4, May 11, May 25

 € 975,-

early bird


If you decide to sign up for the course before February 19, you pay the early bird price of € 975 ex VAT (instead of € 1295 ex VAT) Alternatively, a payment plan is available of 3 x monthly payments.



How much time per week does it take?

I understand your question, and yes, this course also takes time. It depends on how deep you want to go, but count on about four hours a week. However, the time you save by doing this is infinite, because from now on, you will start living in a different way.

I have a vacation in between. What now?

The course is online, so you can join the online zoom sessions during your holiday. You can do the exercises at your own pace as the course is aimed at working on your personal development. You can see it as extra quality time for yourself and you can immediately step into your new workflow after your holiday.

I've tried everything, why would this work?

Super recognizable, because I also tried everything to help me work in a more natural way. What makes the course so special is it’s a tailor-made system. You honor your own rhythm and cycle, so that you are never dependent on others again.

I already work with a Bullet Journal, does it make sense to follow this course?

The Bullet Journal Method is only part of the course. Ultimately, it is about integrating the natural cycles into your life in a structured way. If you have difficulty with this, the course can help you further. It does this by giving you the tools with which you can integrate the natural cycles into your daily life.

I already work in the rhythm of the seasons and the moon, does this course add anything?

Hell yes. Precisely because this course teaches you to set up your own integrated system, where you have the choice to process the cycles that are important to you into a workable whole. You are in control of what is or is not relevant to you. Plus: thanks to the structure of the Bullet Journal, you can determine how much effort you put into the process.


So you can continue to grow with your business and use your full potential, without working harder? Register now for the From TIME management To ENERGY management course!

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You can learn to manifest and create. Being in flow means you forget the time. Why do we continue to structure the world around us on the basis of time? Deep down I have always had the desire to be free from that idea because it just doesn’t make sense to me. I cannot flourish properly and working just uses up my energy. I felt I had no alternative and struggled on alone. Until Coco told me about her course and how she wanted to share it with the world through this wonderful training. Coco has linked in-depth self-exploration with spirituality, observing the forces of nature, doing literature research and she has also studied the most appropriate practical tools. Her method is therefore practical, spiritual and super down to earth. And she takes you step by step through the course. Now that I know and have learned all this, nothing makes more sense. After this there is no more work only creating and manifesting from flow and connection. What a party!


Life coach and integral therapist